About dwight


Dwight Edwards is the founder and CEO of Vanilla Busters LLC. He is a best-selling author, professional speaker, and high-performance coach. Vanilla Busters is a company dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and teams achieve peak performance and extraordinary living. He authors a weekly article entitled “High Octane for the Mind – reflections on peak performance and extraordinary living” with thousands of subscribers. We have now added to “High Octane for the Mind” a monthly, highly motivational, short video which is receiving rave reviews.



Dwight has authored seven books, among which are “Say ‘No’ to Vanilla – the five keys to living life at full throttle” and “A Tale of Three Ships.” His book, “A Tale of Three Ships” won the prestigious “Champion of Literacy Award” for 2009.


He has spoken for the last 30 years throughout the United States, he has given presentations at Yale, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Rice, Texas A&M, The Air Force Academy, West Texas A&M, Mary Hardin Baylor, University of Houston, and many other universities and high schools.


Formerly, a touring professional tennis player and having spent more than 40 years as a life and executive coach, Dwight brings a wealth of experience and wisdom in dealing with human behavior and peak performance.

In addition, he has also spoken to a variety of businesses and government agencies including Lime Rock Partners, USTA/USPTA, Transwestern Commercial Real Estate, Norton Ditto Clothiers, Ben E. Keith Foods, Chesmire Homes, ChildBuilders, Colorado State Patrol, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS), Literacy Advance, National Chef Convention, 911 Operators/Houston.

A graduate of The University of Mary Hardin Baylor, Dwight and his wife Lauri reside in Houston.

I love, but love helping people and organizations to make the necessary mental shifts and belief adjustments that enable them to move up to the next level of extraordinary living and peak performance. we only change when we believe we are “trading up.” In other words, we only let go of what’s holding us back when we recognize that letting go will put enough room in our hands to take hold of the better awaiting us. we let go of the twinkies so there’s enough room in our hands to take hold of the filet mignon. as our tagline puts it, ‘trading up to your best life.’ That is what I am completely about.

— Dwight Edwards