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“This is awesome… what a great way to teach and develop others. I love it; watched several on the website…”

—Cliff Robinson, Senior Vice President of Operation of Chick-Fil-A

“High Octane for the Mind has provided players and coaches with inspirational stories inside and outside the lines of sports. Using dialogue to begin our practices, players gravitate to the meaning of greatness in stories, and in turn seek their own greater good. I highly recommend High Octane to any coach seeking to take their team to the next level.”
—Sam Chambers, State Champion Head Lacrosse Coach, St. John’s School, Houston, TX</p> <p>

“Dwight’s High Octane for the Mind has been the foundation for our players’ approach to life, college, and athletics. I highly recommend Dwight to any team or group wanting to build team chemistry, values, or work ethic.”
—Tim Cass, 8-time all-conference coach of the year, former men’s tennis coach at Texas A&M, former USTA summer collegiate national coach.

“I have found High Octane for the Mind to be an invaluable resource for personal inspiration as well as a great tool in coaching. I forward them often to my players and am able to refer to some of Dwight’s main points during practice. The great quotations at the beginning of each article have been especially valuable.”
—Elizabeth Schmidt, Head Coach for Women’s Tennis Team, Rice University

“I use High Octane for the Mind often with my team. I have had Dwight come speak several times to our team and our girls have always benefitted from his wisdom. His articles have been a great to help to both me and my team.”
—Jim Bevan, Head Women’s Track and Field Coach, RIce University

“Dwight has an uncanny gift for motivating and inspiring. I find his High Octane for the Mind a refreshing way to keep me focused on the things that matter most. I highly recommend his inspirational writings to all.”
Dr. W. Robert Reed – professor of economics, U. of Canterbury, New Zealand

“We are excited to have Dwight Edwards on board as our High Performance coach. I am impressed with Dwight because he gives us…news we can use!”
Dick Hite, owner and CEO of Norton Ditto Clothiers, Houston, Tx.

“As a teacher, each day begins with a jolt, most of which are unexpected and unplanned…whether it’s students coming in with questions at morning tutorial, an emotional ‘crisis’ that teenagers seem to have on a regular basis, a disgruntled parent, etc.. I never know what to expect when I turn on my computer to check the morning emails, but I know that when I see High Octane for the Mind, my pulse begins to calm, and I let everything else drop aside for those few minutes. High Octane definitely…helps me to get life in perspective. Not only does it impact me for the time I am reading, but I also find myself reflecting on the thoughts it presented throughout the day. I’m grateful to be in the loop.”

Diana Keinz – teacher at Kinkaid School, Houston, Tx.