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Dear Friend,

Success-seekers have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars to gurus, trainers, and speakers with a real desire to take their lives to the next level of success. Eager students furiously scribble notes in their notepads, trying their best to absorb as much as they can. As soon as their training is completed, they feel unstoppable, ready to head out and take on the world.

Don’t get me wrong, powerful communicators have imparted incredible wisdom to the masses. Many people walk away from these situations excited to do more with their lives or businesses, and vow to make necessary changes when they get back to their everyday lives. But the sad truth is… most of the time the energy and vision for change is lost within two to three days.

The notes that were taken are stored away in a notebook, probably never to be looked at again.

There simply is very little lasting benefit from most of these encounters.

Let me tell you a story:

Out in West Texas where I grew up, the rain usually comes in the form of a large thunderstorm. There’s lots of thunder and lightning, accompanied by buckets of rain. But as soon as the storm is over, most of the water runs off immediately; never to be seen again.

People have paid thousands of dollars for such a thunderstorm: full of sound and fury, all amounting to very little.

Here’s the reality – What people need is a slow, steady, soaking rain.

Research has shown that bite-sized portions of motivation and information, given steadily over prolonged periods of time have a far, far greater chance of sustaining motivational energy and producing lasting results. Success shouldn’t be a one-time event or a momentary thunderstorm — it’s a lifelong transformation.

In these High Octane Reflections you will:

  • Discover how Nelson Mandela overcame fear by recognizing it, becoming one of the most influential leaders of the 20th century.
  • Hear what Benjamin Franklin’s enormous insight into what our lives are made of, and how to spend it with maximum efficiency.
  • Be enlightened by 101 year old Grandma Moses, who painted 3600 paintings within 3 decades starting in her 70s, and how she walked the path to living fully.
  • Learn what Maria Fadiman, a geographer, ethno-botanist, and National Geographic Emerging Explorer has to say about going on the Greatest Adventure.
  • These powerful reflections … AND MORE!


These short videos will encourage you, motivate you, and challenge you to live and lead the epic life of a Vanilla Buster!


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